Friday Chit Chat: No Heat Curls YAS


It's Friyay! So exciting, even though we were blessed with a snow day here in NYC :) So lately I've been trying to grow out my hair, parting ways with the beloved extensions I have developed quite a relationship with. I started taking Biotin and began to limit myself by not putting heat on my hair more than twice a week. I wanted to spice up my weekend look with some curls, and found a pretty crazy idea that is easy AND works. 

Step one: Brush through those locks

Step two: Pick up about an inch of hair and spray damp with some water

Step three: Roll the baby wipe until it looks like a twizzler

Step four: Take the baby wipe and begin rolling your piece of hair with it 

Step five: Tie the two end pieces together so that hair can stay in place overnight

The curls literally looked like I had used one of the curling wands, they were so tight and bouncy. Try it and let us know what you think! Until Next week, Ciao <3



The Soul Sisters Crew 

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