Creative Jewelry Storage

Hello my beautiful jewelry lovers! I am here again to chat with you, this time about storage of your wonderful Soul Sisters Jewelry. I’m sure you’ve seen those storage cases that look like a cabinet and the really cool ones that hide behind your dressing mirror. Yes I like those too, even owned a few. Unfortunately I found them to be troublesome. First they are too small to hold all the jewelry I have. They were not even large enough to hold my every day, or just favorite pieces. So out they go. Now if I had found a large enough cabinet that still would not be good for my jewelry. Those type cabinets have places for the designs to hang. WRONG! So not good for your jewelry, especially if it is chunky. When the jewelry designs hang they tend to wear out sooner. It puts a strain on the closure and can rub on the wire or stringing material to a fray. This frayed material is very uncomfortable to wear and will eventually break.

That being said, allow me to share an alternative solution.

Place your jewelry designs in a plastic storage bag after wiping them down with an alcohol wipe (unless it is material, then you will need to use something like Lysol or a little spritz of alcohol in a mist spray). Once air dried, place them in the storage bag. All these bags can be placed in several storage ottomans. This keeps them out of the way and you can organize them by color, size or type.

Alternatively, you can use small storage tubs with lids and label them for easy access. This all depends on how much room you have to work with. Storing this covertly keeps your surroundings clutter-free and stylish. Hopefully this helped you with your jewelry storage.

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