Creativeness Blooming

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hello my beautiful jewelry lovers! I am here again to chat with you, about all things jewelry, and this time we are going to chat about creativeness!

During the world-wide pandemic many people explored something new or something that had lay dormant for years to help stay the walls from closing in on us. It’s wonderful that so many were able to exit their 9-5 job or completely stop the long commute and work from the safety of their homes. I am certainly grateful my husband is able to earn a living from the safety of our home. Plus we get to eat to eat lunch together every day!

During our stay at home time my family got very busy! My three young men sharpened their culinary skills! Wow they go skills! We ate some really interesting ad flavorful dishes. I designed SO much jewelry, mostly denim and camo beaded designs! In the midst of this time I needed another outlet to pour my energy into something other than beading, just to relax and refresh my creative mind. Soo…I tried my hand at painting. Now I’m no Jackson Pollock but I think I made some beautiful art for my new home’s walls. I rediscovered I really enjoy painting, and the result is so satisfying. When I walk by my designs they make me smile, especially in the face of all that we all have been through from the uncertainty of the changing world, to the pain of losing so much; income, loved ones, fellowship of the people we love and admire and it seemed at times we’d lose even our sanity.

Thank God for time to explore another part of my creativeness and finding a way to care for my mental health.

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