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Hello, my beautiful jewelry lovers! I am here again to chat with you, about all things jewelry. This time we are going to chat about Soul Sisters Jewelry’s Denim Line; launched on my birthday in 2020.

The beauty of designing beaded jewelry is that I can use so many different mediums to design with. When I started designing jewelry for myself I used glass faceted beads because they caught the light so beautifully. Gemstone, ceramic, and natural stones are a real pleasure to work with. Natural beads have a whole different feel to them, weight, texture and even temperature vary base on the material. Pearls are always in the style of course!

As beautiful women in every color, shape, and style preference, it can be a challenge to create something for everyone, but for me, that’s the beauty of the custom design. Everyone doesn’t wear the same type of jewelry or even dress the same way, so my designs reflect that. Designing the Denim Line was so exciting for me! I can style my casual Sister in jeans and a t-shirt for Girl’s Night or the Queen rocking a camouflage dress to a movie date on the weekend. Beautiful style for everyone!

To create these awesome designs, I upcycle jeans, usually given to me by friends or from the DAV. I create each denim and camo bead by hand. Sure this process takes a couple of days just to make enough for a set, but it is so worth it to see the finished look and the joy on your faces when you rock your custom design! The camo beads do have a little more meaning because they are created from my brother's military uniform. He, my Dad, and my Uncle all served as Marines and I have a whole host of relatives that served as well. It gives me the joy to know that I am creating something beautiful and representing people that have sacrificed so much for us!!

So keep an eye out for new denim and camo designs! Your custom order request is welcome! Write a review on Soul Sisters Jewelry on our Facebook page and Google and get $10 off your next set.

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