Get your Bestie the Best Jewelry She’ll Ever Love This Season

Hey there jewelry lovers!! It’s your girl again with another opportunity to chat about all things jewelry. Today we are going to chat about gifting that perfect gift to your bestie!!

I know we spoke about gift giving before and today we are taking it to the next level. OK so you have gotten your friend’s favorite things, her favorite color, the shape and style of the jewelry she loves. So you are armed for gift giving. It’s that season again to give gifts and we are out searching at Bed Bath and Beyond, Dillard’s and all over the mall, tiring ourselves out. Why not gift your best friend Soul Sisters Jewelry? We’ve got bracelet stacks, of course unique custom jewelry, but what about a gift certificate? She will love you that much more because you are giving her the gift of the best jewelry that speaks to her style.

Soul Sisters Jewelry is a unique company in that we are always designing new creative designs. I am so in love with the Denim Line that was launched last year! The Denim Line includes the unique camo line. And may I say the cutest and most unique part of our line! Now I’m adding the unique denim and camo designs to the Men’s Line; including Cufflinks and tie bars and even rings featuring the denim and camo centerpieces. Isn’t that the most unique thing ever? This is the best way to gift this holiday season. Of course it’s great for giving all year round; birthdays, anniversaries, all these gift giving times that you may struggle with online or at the mall to find something unique to gift someone.

So you can contact Soul Sisters Jewelry Designs on the website, call or text 316-530-3015 and setup a custom design appointment or just find gift giving ideas. Another gift giving idea is bracelet stacks! Now you already know your best friend’s favorite color or the colors she wears all the time. This is a great way to give a gift that highlight her style. A bracelet stack with her favorite color of beads and those sassy charms that just make her the Belle of the ball. Whether it’s blingy and shiny of if it’s just a cute high heel charm, or pretty flowers. There are so many different ideas for charms that she will just love. So a set of bracelets is definitely a great gift for this season.

I so looking forward to designing with and for you so catch s on the website: for the newest designs and we look forward to hearing from you on Facebook or Instagram. Keep a look out for our new what to wear video series coming soon. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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