Girl's Night Out

Updated: Mar 29

Hello my beautiful jewelry lovers! I'm here again to chat with you about all things jewelry. This time we will be chatting about the fun of having a Girls Night Out, Soul Sisters style!

I get so excited for these events because they are so much fun. Ok I know you're thinking 'oh here we go another party where you're going to beg my friends to buy from you or pressure them into scheduling some party, or I get nothing out of the deal!' No Ma'am! Let me help you. This is like going out on the town to a paint party or hitting the safest and best club ever! Everyone pays their cover fee, you hang out and catchup with all the beautiful people, while enjoying snacks and drinks, while we make some beautiful shiny things! If your friends do want to book another get-together (party) then we do just that, according to their schedule.

OK I know you're asking yourself what are we going to do at this party? I don't know how to make jewelry that's why I buy it! LOL Yes, I know and that is why I'm there with you so my expertise can make sure your design is what you love and quality that will last.

So we schedule your Girls Night and you choose the theme and invite your Sista friends to hang out a couple hours with us! As the Hostess with the Mostest, your design is free. You and I work out the details of payment link and a head count. Then day of the event, you put out a few snacks and drinks, I bring everything you will need to design a bracelet or a pair of earrings. Each guest pays $25 and extra charms are available starting at $5. I work side by side with each guest to help design their beautiful design, and make sure it is finished properly and secure. That's the beauty of these events, you don't have to know how to design a thing, you can choose the beads you'd like ng the design and we get to work creating your next favorite jewelry piece.

We have some fun laughing, designing and even some dancing if you're up for it! All this fun start to finish is only about two hours. Your guests take home what they have designed, and we get ready for the next one that your friends have scheduled! SO much fun. I am looking forward to hanging out with you and your Sista Friends soon!

Until next time my beautiful jewelry lovers!!

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