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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hello Jewelry Lovers! Thank you for visiting my page and checking out my new blog. I have written for other magazines and publications in the past but I’m just getting around to doing this for my own website! I am so excited to share with you in this space!

Today I want to share with you the “origin story” of Soul Sisters Jewelry Designs, LLC. Some of you may have already heard this story, so I will make it short and sweet. My design bug has always been there is one shape or another. I have painted, sewn, cooked, and even clay designs in the past, but jewelry has always been something I have liked to create and share! My jewelry design bug was

sparked when my husband wanted to buy me an outrageously priced necklace in Dillard’s when we were out shopping. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a jewelry snob or anything, I just didn’t see the value in the necklace when I’d have to go find other accessories to match this piece! So anyway, I told my Hubby I could make that necklace myself! (We were going to a special event, so of course he wanted me looking beautiful) So long story short I created the piece including matching earrings, and bracelet. I have to say it came out better than the one in the store and Hubby loved it as well!

I felt so beautiful in my design our evening was wonderful. I love creating jewelry designs for beautiful women so they feel as beautiful and confident as I feel in my designs.

So as you might have guessed I am a fellow jewelry lover. Putting on even small earrings to go work out or run a quick errand makes a girl feel cute! So why would you not have an arsenal of beautiful pieces that speak to who you are? Ladies that is really the reason I design such unique jewelry pieces, they must reflect the beautifully unique people that wear them.

Again, thank you for checking out my blog, and shopping the latest designs! Come on back each week and let’s chat! Drop me a note if you have a topic you’d like to talk about.

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