Tips on Essential Jewelry Pieces

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Hello again beautiful jewelry loving friends, I’m so excited to be here again with you. Today we are going to chat about Essential Jewelry Pieces in your wardrobe, no matter how simplified or eclectic, we need a start point for your jewelry.

One essential jewelry piece found in most women’s closet, is a strand (or two) of pearls. Now this strand of pearls can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, based on your style. Now I think I am in great company here with you because I have a few essential sets of pearls. One is classic cream pearls, it’s double strand with graduating sizes of pearls, but it is the one that I consider my classic set, because that’s about as basic as I like to go.

Another set of pearls I have is a jazzed up version of the classic. Same cream pearls (yep, I love cream pearls. They just speak to me!), are chunky pearls mixed with clear crystals and bling, iridescent pearls and crystals, all creating this glorious dance of beauty! Now the need for essential jewelry pieces is that you can add them to nearly any outfit and make it sing!

If you have a lot of the same color scheme in your closet then you can have your essential jewelry piece be based on that color and depending on the outfit you can wear it every day and make each outfit look complete. Another way to go is the basic set of jewelry that is made with clear crystal. By going this route you can wear this with any color and stand out in the crowd. I love to design your style, because it expands my skills and makes you look good!!

I look forward to designing your next set very soon! Contact me on social media or through email or text. I look forward to creating with you soon. Please remember to leave a review on social media and Google, you will earn a coupon towards your next jewelry order.

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