Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hello, my beautiful jewelry lovers! I am here again to chat with you, about all things jewelry. This time we are going to chat about traveling with your beautiful Soul Sisters Jewelry.

We are so excited that the world is opening up, and we are beginning to travel to visit family and just to let our hair down and breathe deeply. Of course, we MUST look fabulous while we rediscover the world so we must have our jewelry ready to rock!

When traveling with jewelry lots of people return home with broken and lost pieces. Here are some clever ways to travel with your jewelry and return with it intact.

You can take the bags you already have stored way in plastic bags or choose some other ways such as;

  • Wrapping them in a microfiber towel, securing the earrings by poking them through the cloth.

  • Drawstring cloth pouches hold your small designs pretty well or use a zipper pouch to hold the designs if you are not taking too many with you.

  • A twist on the plastic storage bag is to cut small notches in a paper plate to hold the necklaces and bracelet then pierce the earrings through the plate and seal them in the plastic storage bag. You could even use the press and seal paper to make sure nothing moves in your bag.

I know these ideas will help you have a wonderful trip and be beautiful in your Soul Sisters Jewelry!

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